Renegade Fashions

About Us

Renegade Designs brings your Wardrobe and Photo experiences to new heights with 'Free Fall' boundary pushing Designs. It's more than just Fashion. It's an experience waiting to happen. Models and Photographers can turn their Photo shoots into beautiful pieces of art.

Many of my  pieces will work for entertainers as well.  I'm always making new items for entertainers because it's a part of what got me started years ago and I'll never tire of making them.

I'm a Free Spirit, Free thinker, and my designs reflect the Renegade side in women. I design Ultra Feminine alternative Wardrobe and accessories with an edge.

Years of Dance have helped inspire my work as well as all those little unexpected accents that transform my pieces. In my Signature Pieces I bring to life those 'Timeless Fashions' and materials that have made their way into second hand and antique stores.

In the near future I will have my stock wardrobe pieces available as rentals for local models and Photographers to use in their photo shoots. I may do long distance rentals when I find a good process to use...

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